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Our Approach

MareVisie enables organisations to successfully perform project-based work. Every assignment begins with a challenge, the ideal moment to contact MareVisie. Together with your organization we will do an in-depth analysis of the challenges and will find fitting solutions. One of the solutions could be part-time deployment of a projectmanager and/or provide projectsupport. It could also be advice on the best way to manage the project and how to get the project back on track.

MareVisie also coaches your project employees and provides suitable training. Which include counsel of implementing project-based work in your organization. Primarily MareVisie operates in teams, because cooperation is an important succesfactor in a project. The teams incorporate different specialist from your organization with one or more specialist from MareVisie.

MareVisie is a meltingpot were professionals with different qualities, from different expertises and universities, come together. This model of cooperation leads to precious insights and creative solutions for challenges in your organization.


MareVisie project managers are highly qualified engineers and scientists who have been especially trained to make the difference to your projects in a number of high-tech industries. There are a number of service packages to chose from to best suit your organization's situation. 


MareVisie is specialized in program- and project management. We have many results-oriented experienced professionals with some of the best science and engineering backgrounds in world, to help articulate, set up, implement and monitor your projects successfully. 


Portfolio management is concerned with managing a range of projects running within your organization. MareVisie can support your organization in the strategic design and professionalization of your portfolio, freeing you to focus on what you do best in a way that scales better in your organization. 


What is your organization's capacity for change? We objectively assess your ability to implement new systems and processes and actively identify success and risk factors to better navigate difficult transitions. 


The added value of MareVisie supporting your projects is that you can simply focus on the processes that make you unique. By providing qualified engineers and scientists as trained project managers, and by applying our own proven methods to improve efficiency and effectiveness of project management, we can drastically improve the chances of project success together. MareVisie employees are 'Professionals in project management!' 


We believe in and actively embrace sharing our knowledge with others, both within and outside of the network that we have carefully cultivated. We do this in one-on-one coaching sessions, as team activities and workshops, and by frequently hosting workshops with the specific aim of transferring our knowledge. 

Sector Expertise

In most sectors, projects are started with the goals of bringing organizations to the 'next level'. We have helped clients along in their improvement of process efficiencies, discovering of new markets, and in the development of new products and services. In all of those cases, MareVisie helped steer these transitions to a successful end-result. 

Project management is a general area of specialization. We have specialized services within several highly complex high-tech sectors by harnessing the knowledge and learning abilities of our employees - most of whom are post-graduates of world-leading science and engineering institutions like the Delft University of Technology. 

MareVisie is extremely well connected to the University, and relishes the challenge of specializing in new areas. We have proven results in a number of impressive industries. 


Energy & Utilities

MareVisie has over 10 years of experience working in this sector as project managers, ICT professionals and business consultants. 


Project management in the nuclear industry is highly complex and must ensure extremely high quality. Our project managers are qualified engineers and scientists in this area, trained in project management skills that have been developed in-house. 


MareVisie employs and trains ICT & ERP specialists to develop dedicated tools for your business, and to manage the project management of complex ICT & ERP projects. 

Waste & Recycling

Our specific knowledge in waste management and recycling allows us to optimize industry-specific processes, SAP implementation and ERP integration. 

Advanced Technology

MareVisie specifically targets the gap between research and development and industry. We take on qualified scientists and engineers with appropriate backgrounds and train them in project management. 

Unique Selling Points


MareVisie employs qualified engineers and scientists and trains them as project managers. 


MareVisie are uniquely qualified to quickly deploy in your organization. 


MareVisie leverages the diversity of our employees to best serve your organization's objectives. 


MareVisie uses proven methods to bring you structure and focus: get everyone on board. 


MareVisie has expert fundamental knowledge in the sectors we operate in. 


With years of experience and acquired knowledge, MareVisie has developed a number of products which with minimum effort will bring your company to the ''next level''. In addition these products will often lead to new insights:

  • What are the opportunities and risks of the project?
  • Are the projects sustainable and what is the impact?
  • How professional is your project management approach within your organization?

 MareVisie had developed the following products:


MareVisie explains the principles of the project initiation document with the key stakeholders in 3 hours.


PER4RM is a fit for purpose application that provides the necessary functionality for digital forms with workflows.


Portfolio analysis is a complete review of all implemented and planned projects.


An analysis of the status of the organization, the project, the professionals who contribute and the extent to which they are ready to implement the changes.


With this scan insight is given in the ability for change in your organization. Specific advise to increase this adaptability is also included.


This test will create an objective representation of how the people, departments and the organization stand as a whole. 


This is a solution for workflows in which information by means of a form is controlled and recorded manually or digitally. The preparation and implementation of the workflow will be more structured and more efficient.


Companies want to have a clear vision on the end result, the cost and planning of their projects. Because even without the exceeding of deadlines and budget these projects give enough challenges as is. MareVisie will make projects and project-based change successful.

Client: NRG (Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group)

Client: Eneco

Client: Attero

Client: Oxxio


The Team

MareVisie employs over 15 project management professionals. Everyone of our employees has a degree from a technical university and provable background, experience and education in project management and project engineering.



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