Datacenters a vital element in digital transformation

Modern internet, the private and public cloud, Big data and 24/7 immediate availability of information and applications drive data center developments.

Henry Kraaijenbos, account executive of Equinix, shared the value and power of modern data center technology. Without the 24/7 fast and everywhere availability of internet the digital transformation will not be possible. Equinix invests a vast budget  each year to accommodate this transformation and to support world players in the digital market place.  With 145 International Business Exchanges (IBX) all around the world Equinix is the home for many leading carriers, networks, clouds and content delivery networks.

User or Customer Experience is one of the big drivers for this development. Companies are investing in ICT technology to improve customer satisfaction.

The visit to one of the Amsterdam locations of the Nr1 on datacenters in de the world was worthwhile for the MareVisie team.  The digital transformation impacts the large Business and ICT projects and that is why these opportunities are valuable for us“, according to the founder of MareVisie project management, Ralph van Houdt.

The photos give you an impression of the AM3 IBX and the relax room of the technical engineers. In between shifts they occasionally relax with a fast game.