Inspection application

MareVisie inspection application proves its added value once again

Developments in the field of asset management are rapid. And with it the importance of accurate information plays an even greater role. The way of inspection, control and maintenance of asset systems changes which has direct impact on the registration of information in maintenance processes.

The requirements large asset managers give their service providers also are susceptible to change. This challenges the service providers to implement these changes on time in their services. MareVisie combines their knowledge of maintenance and inspection with a set of IT-skills and helps its clients to face these challenges based on a flexible inspection system developed by MareVisie.

The inspection system implements work process information which is verified and registered by forms in a structured and efficient way. This will organize the control and inspection processes and optimize existing processes within the organization. This will result in a higher quality of registered information and will save considerable amount of time in the production chain of at least 10%.

The organization will have structured control over the processing of forms. The cost of the process from preparation till execution will be reduced, insight of the inspection status will be improved and rapports will have better quality.

One of our clients faced the challenge to change the provision of information for one of their big customers regarding future maintenance so it would meet their new demands. To be able to realise these changes in the small-time frame they got in touch with the specialists of MareVisie whom have already implemented the automated inspection system multiple times.

MareVisie performed an extensive assessment. It appeared to be possible to realise these changes in the given time frame. Jan Kaper one the IT-specialist of MareVisie: “The flexibility we implemented in the inspection system offers us the possibility to realise the changes in the short term. The translation from guidelines to practical execution is still work what needs to be done by human hands, but the efficient processing of those changes on all forms, inspection guidelines and work instructions is a procedure that could be automated very well. This profit in efficiency is one of the greatest strengths of the inspection system developed by MareVisie.”

After the processed changes where successfully tested with the client, the changes where implemented and the tailored inspection form went live. Thereby meeting the demands of the customer and producing results in the limited time frame. Again making the client of Marevisie ‘’Inspection proof’’!