How to get the most out of LinkedIn

Speaking honestly, LinkedIn is a platform that most of us have a kind of mild aversion to. Most of us in SRC Thor are millennials with already-significant social media presences;  creating and maintaining a LinkedIn profile can seem like yet another task on our growing digital to-do list. Indeed, having recently talked to friends & family about the world’s favorite professional social media platform, I was surprised to hear a veritable spectrum of everything from a quite loathing to a resigned acceptance. But most striking of all was a general sense of unease about it all. Though skepticism about the real benefits of social media is – in my view – a healthy attitude to have, the main point is that we don’t know how to engage with the LinkedIn platform.

LinkedInAttendees having dinner shortly before starting the session.

On Wednesday the 16th of November, I was invited by MareVisie to attend De kracht van LinkedIn voor jou als professional. The session was given Elton Backx, a LinkedIn and social selling expert, and aimed to give attendees a sense of how to exploit LinkedIn search algorithms in order to become more present on the platform. On a digital stage that is becoming ever-more globalized and competitive, Elton argues that no more than ever is the time to get acquainted with how to sell yourself as an individual with certain skills and interests that makes you an asset to a company or an excellent choice of business partner.

And he has a point. With over 467 million registered members and 2 members joining every second, there are “more than 40 million students and recent college graduates on LinkedIn. They are LinkedIn’s fastest-growing demographic.” [1]

The seminar itself was hosted by MareVisie and was attended by a diverse group of MareVisie workers and firm partners. It was a very enjoyable and informative evening, with a complementary dinner and a seemingly endless supply of coffee and refreshments.


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Derron van Helvoort