Nuclear reactors symposium

Long Term Operations with Suzanne Leinders

The ‘Long Term Operations of Nuclear Reactors‘ symposium kicked off at the KIVI headquarters in Den Haag earlier last month. We interviewed attendee & new MareVisie employee Suzanne Leinders about her work on the nuclear project in Petten, and about the symposium itself.

Tell us about the symposium! How was it?

The event was very well organized and was centered around developments in the nuclear industry. These included the increased toughness in licensing and certification of nuclear reactors in response to Fukushima, society’s perception and understanding of reactors, and the outlook for the nuclear power plants & reactors located in the Netherlands. A lot of the important people in the industry were present, giving or attending the presentations and joining in on discussions. I was very happy to represent MareVisie at the event and I’d certainly like to go to events like it in the future.

What is MareVisie and NRG working on in Petten? Are you enjoying it?

Yes I’m really enjoying it. The project is now in the test phase, and is focused on the conversion of an isotope production line from highly-enriched Uranium to low-enriched Uranium. The production line is mainly geared towards medical imaging in hospitals, and naturally this is also considered in the project. Of course, this involves a lot of different parties from nuclear reactors, to pharmaceutical companies and the rest of the healthcare industry. Everyone needs to be aligned with the same end-goal, and this is where MareVisie comes in as project managers.

Nuclear Reactors Symposium

What are the benefits of attending such events?

The symposium was quite specific to the nuclear industry making it a great way to learn about important developments and perceptions within the industry. It is also a good networking opportunity to get acquainted with other firms and people. Overall, it’s a great way to grow your own personal and professional network which adds to your own development.

Nuclear Reactors Symposium