Ocean Cleanup

Today we witnessed the successful launch of The Ocean Cleanup Prototype in the North Sea off the coast of Scheveningen. The prototype was designed and fabricated in collaboration with many external parties. Most of the work was provided either completely in-kind or partially sponsored by companies like Boskalis, SBM and MOCEAN.

Coen Friederich, owner of Bluebird Consultant and partner in MareVisieFlex, is the project manager for this challenging project.

ocean cleanup

It was not an easy task to get the 100m barrier ready in time for the departure on June 23. There were many engineering and installation hurdles to overcome. The mooring buoys to which it is attached, were installed during the weekend before by Boskalis, so today the barrier only needed to be prepared, towed out and connected to the buoys. These tasks were successfully concluded in the afternoon.

The ‘BoomyMcBoomFace’ as it is aptly called, will remain in the North Sea for a maximum of 1 year while it serves as a test bench for future projects to clean the oceans of plastic.

The tests comprise strength tests to check if it will survive the harsh North Sea conditions and serve to validate the simulation model which was set-up for the barrier. Marin supplied all the test equipment and will help to analyze the data gathered from the barrier, which is transmitted to shore with a datalink. This is an important first step towards the ultimate goal, which is to clean up the Pacific Ocean of all plastic gathered there.