Sping Delft

Lean start-up useful in projectmanagement? 

The three essential elements of lean start-up can be useful to speed up the start up phase of large projects. During an inspiring presentation of the lean framework at Sping in Delft two specialist pitched their experience with these techniques.
The essence of lean start-up is simple but clear. The three basics are:

  1. Curiosity: what products have value for customers or which products really support our clients.
  2. Perspective: what perspective are you using and if you use the clients perspective is the required product or result still the same?
  3. Experiment: test as early as possible possible courses of action or solutions. Invent experiments which help you to learn more and faster.

The workshop itself contained an experiment as well. 7 teams got 18 minutes to build a tower with 20 spaghetti sticks, 1 marsmallow, a piece of rope and 1 meter tape. This Marsmallow challenge with the 7-teams showed how adults cooperate, how they work from assumptions and that experimenting is not a standard element of their approach of a problem.

The standard is: start thinking and planning. This has a lot of similarities with how most projects are started. The phase were technical solutions have to be discovered or strategies have to be tested is in general too short. This is were a lean framework can be useful.  If we are able to test already during the project start-up phase possible technical solutions and specified routes, this would improve the predictability of the project outcome as a whole.

MareVisie is currently evaluating how to use these techniques, very useful for business development, during a project start-up phase. Early validation of project outcome and a short but intensive project start-up phase is were we can help our customers.

In our second news item about lean start-up we will interview a specialist in this area and we will learn about his success with the lean start-up methodology.