User experience, software developers and digital operations

MareVisie is highly interested in today’s IT platform developments as they influence IT as well as the business projects in which we play an important role for our customers. “The digital transformation requires a different approach to our customers.”, according to Jan Herman Baller, one of our IT integration specialists. MareVisie visited the yearly “NextStep” event ( to stay up-to-date with one of those platforms.

Changes in B2B software market

“Interesting to see how platforms like these deal with the changes in the industry for B2B applications, that we experience in our own projects.”, says Jan Herman Baller. Important changes in the B2B application market are:
• User friendliness becomes more and more important as the B2B applications are built to make the life of the B2B customer easier. This forces operations to be fully digitalized.
• Self-service concepts are used by default. B2B users enter and maintain their own customer data (profile) while improving both data quality and supplier processes.
• Interesting and efficient new products can be developed based on increased computing power and on-line access and availability.

Pressurized development lead times

The changes in the B2B software market increase pressure on development capacity for on-line and mobile applications. As a result there is a shortage of qualified developers. These kind of IT platforms close part of the gap. The latest version of the Outsystems platform improves mobile app development and legacy integration functionalities. It increases the efficiency of app developers and reduces development time, which means that more time can be spend to interact with customers during the development phase.
New technology like this new development platform improves our opportunities and how we are able to deploy these improvements. It can help MareVisie to deliver software that improves the efficiency of the internal and external processes of our customers.”, according to MareVisie’s IT integration specialist Jan Herman Baller.